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A little about us

Brett: I’m an active member of the Tacoma community. Last year I worked as a middle school science teacher. This year I’m devoting myself entirely to DJing and using my varied background to launch several new startups. I  finished my Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Montana in spring 2017.  I studied the aerodynamics and biomechanics of bird flight. I have been DJing since 2005 and LOVE IT. In my free time, you will find me mountain biking, climbing, dancing, or playing guitar.  I look forward to every special event and I really enjoy meeting new people everywhere I go.

Paige: I’m a school librarian at a high school in Tacoma. Outside of school, I love time outdoors in the garden, on mountain bike trails, or climbing rocks. My favorite is being outside on adventures with Brett and our dog Chossy.  I feel honored to help DJ and be able to contribute to the fun and celebration of our clients’ most special days.

A Timeline of Grit City DJs

September 2019

Tacoma’s DJ – A Homecoming

Paige and Brett have been DJing exclusively in the Puget Sound for nearly five years together.  They're a dream team; working in unison, they have provided DJ/MC services for weddings, corporate events, and school dances from Everett to Chehalis.  It's a wonderful thing to do what you love with who you love.  They focus on providing extremely thoughtful, fun experiences that bring people together through music.

December 2015

Boy Meets Girl

Paige met Brett while on a road trip through Montana.  She was living in Tacoma, not far from where Brett grew up.  A few months later, Brett packed up and followed Paige.  Two years later, they were engaged.  And the following year they married under the cedar trees at Fort Townsend State Park.  From this point onward, Zootown DJ was now "Grit City DJs."

July 2011

Every wedding is a destination wedding in Montana

As Zootown DJ, Brett worked with hundreds of brides, grooms, corporate planners, and event coordinators.  He DJed in every barn, event center, lodge, and resort from Canada to Wyoming.  His refined his skill set, and built a reputation based on authenticity and reliability.

June 2009

New Beginnings

Grit City DJs began in June 2009 in Missoula, Montana.  Originally called "Zootown DJ," we quickly became the premiere DJ in Western Montana.  The DJ business was a success, and Brett was able to pay for both his undergraduate and graduate education in biology.