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Wedding planner, photographer and all-round helpful guy.

5.0 rating

Trying to arrange our wedding from out of town, we thought it’d be difficult but Brett made the whole process very easy! We’re so glad we found him to dj out wedding. We feel like we got a bonus wedding planner, photographer and all-round helpful guy thrown in for free!
We met up with Brett a month or so before the wedding and he gave us some really valuable advice and helped us come up with perfect songs for the whole event. He was really flexible and when we asked him to include some Scottish music and traditional dances into the night, he was great!! He also explained all of the American traditions to our Scottish wedding guests and just generally helped the day to go really smoothly. His organizational skills and attention to detail eased a lot of pressure and stress from us and our family members as he did a lot of running around. He even brought drinks to us and the photographer when taking photos as well as our first drinks inside the reception, joined in a few dances and took some fantastic photos along the way!! I’d highly recommend Brett and can’t thank him enough for everything that he did to help us. Since our wedding, I’ve heard nothing but praise for him from all of our guests! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Stephanie Timmons

Thoughtful, kind, and concerned with the details.

5.0 rating

Brett and Page were total professionals and took the time to understand (and help us understand) what we wanted. Planning out wedding ourselves, we needed to work with someone that knew what they were doing (because we didn’t). They are so thoughtful, kind, and concerned with the details, which I really appreciate. They also put on a great party. We can’t recommend them enough.

Rebecca Fuchs

Absolutely phenomenal.

5.0 rating

Brett and Paige were absolutely phenomenal. We used them as our DJs for our squadron’s annual holiday party, and they stood alone as higher-quality professionals from first contact until the closing song.
I reached out to over 15 DJs in the local area, and was very disheartened by the overwhelmingly unprofessional responses I received from the vast majority of the local DJs. I reached out with an email describing our event, which was 40’s themed, and would be entertaining multiple high-ranking military members. Maybe it’s just that I’m used to interacting with other military members every day, but I fully expected to hear professional, well-written responses from most of those to whom I reached out. Instead, the overwhelming majority of individuals responded with a tone that seemed both unprofessional and lazy. When I saw Brett’s response, it was an absolute breath of fresh air. Not only were they similarly priced to the other local DJs, but they also offered a higher quality setup, such as a disco ball and bubble machines. To top it off, they provided a generous military discount for our event! Going with them was a no-brainer.
During the pre-event consultation, when they learned that we would have two emcees instead of one, they went out of their way to acquire a second wireless microphone, so both of us would be able to speak wirelessly and have freedom to move about the venue. They came prepared with a backup wireless mic as well, so when one struggled with interference, they came ready to swap out for us when it wouldn’t interrupt the flow of the event.
Additionally, as our event was 40’s themed, they came not only prepared with an outstanding, appropriately themed playlist, but they also came dressed in matching attire!
Let me reiterate: From the time we made first contact, until the time the event concluded, Brett and Paige were phenomenal. They’re absolutely top-tier in the quality they provide, and were literally hundreds of dollars cheaper than other local DJs whose levels of professionalism were disappointingly subpar. I absolutely recommend you choose them, and I know I will be a repeat customer for any future events I’m involved in.

Josh Wilson

AMAZING to work with!

5.0 rating

Grit City Dj’s is AMAZING to work with! As a photographer they were beyond accommodating and helpful. Ahead of reception we touched base and got on the same page about the timeline of the reception so they could make sure to get any key moments done before I would be leaving for the night. They reminded the guests to use the photobooth, stoked up the dance party when it was needed and generally kept the ambience fun and energetic. I have already sent them a referral and will definitely send more. If you’re looking to hire a DJ as a couple getting married, I would highly suggest them from another vendors perspective! You want someone professional, punctual and that is a team player with your other vendors come your wedding day and these guys are it!!!

Sara Welch Photo

Incredibly personal and tailored experience

5.0 rating

I was incredibly fortunate to have Grit City DJs for my wedding this May. One thing no one told me leading up to the wedding was how much a great support staff make the day so much more special (and can take a huge burden off of your plate!)
Brett and Paige offer an incredibly personal and tailored experience for your unique wedding. They are super easy to work and communicate with, and did an amazing job with a fairly complex mash-up my wife and I wanted for our first dance.
I will be recommending them to all of my friends getting married in the near future in Western Washington!

Matthew Jones